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L B's Brainy Bot Challenge


the Little Boss is back as the host of a brand new trivia gameshow where you are the contestant! Test your knowledge against L b's latest invention, The Brainy Bot 5000! Compete as a single player, or with up to 2 other players locally and try to bring home the most cash in a mind boggling assault of comedic trivia!

System requirements

Requires windows 7 or later and approximately 100 MB of disk space

Working speakers or headphones.

This game is self-voicing and uses your native TTs engine.

Installation Instructions

Download the setup L B's brainy Bot challenge.exe file from our downloads page. Navigate to it and click it. Read and if you agree, accept the license terms. Follow the wizard and install the game where you like. Default location is C:\Program Files\Cerulean Blue Software\L B's Brainy Bot Challenge\

The game should launch after installation.

Note: this game is coming soon!

Question types

During the course of the show, contestants will be presented with a variety of question types to challenge you.

Multiple choice

Players are presented with a question and a list of possible answers. Using your buzzer keys, you must buzz in and select the option that best fits the question.

Fractured Phrases

Players are presented with a famous quote, phrase or saying with a word or words missing. If you know the word or words that best complete the phrase, buzz in. You wil then be presented with an input box for which to type your response. Do so, then press enter!

Math Madness

Contestants will be challenged by a basic math problem. The first to solve it should buzz in and type in their response in the input box!

Equation Frustration

Slightly more difficult than Math Madness, Equation frustration puts you in the hotseat by challenging you with a randomly generated equation. The first to solve it should buzz in and type in their response in the input box.

This, That, Neither, or Both!

This is a fast paced challenge which will present you with a prompt and a list of clues. It will be your job to sort them into the propper category. For example: The prompt is: Is it a color, a fruit, neither or both. If you heard the host say orange, you would buzz in and pick both because orange is both a color and a fruit. Cash is awarded for each correct response, but is taken away for each wrong answer.

Audio Assault!

In this exciting round of fast paced action, players will be given a clue, a sound and a list of items. First, the clue will be read, then the sound will be played. Then the host will begin to rattle off from a list of items. When you hear the item that best fits the clue and the sound, hit your buzzer! If you get it right and are the quickest, you win the cash! Else, you have to pay!

Boxing gloves

If you are playing the game against other players, the host will distribute 1 boxing glove to each player at the start of each round.
If you think your opponent does not know the answer, buzz in and press the SHIFT key to force an opponent to answer. If they get it wrong, you win the cash. If they get it correct however, you have to pay them the cash for that question from your own score.
Boxing gloves do not carry over from round to round and can not be used in Audio assaults or This, That, Neither or Both questions.