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Hello and thanks for stopping by. You found Cerulean Blue, a small corner of the web dedicated to software which is useful, accessible and entertaining.

Cerulean Blue Software is now on!

We are pleased to announce our debut on, a marketplace for independant game developers. Now you can experience Cerulean Blue Software's games and support the development of our titles from a marketplace trusted by thousands of gamers and developers alike! You can also check out what is available from other developers on the site.

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Our Feature Presentations:

The Little Boss makes a debut as Little Boss's Lemonade Stand is released!

Little Boss' Lemonade Stand is a turn-based audiogame intended to introduce young people to the world of business by running a lemonade stand. You control everything from selecting your location, ordering and managing supplies and advertising around the neighborhood to mixing the perfect lemonade recipe and setting your prices. There are 3 playing modes and 3 difficulty levels to challenge even the most savviest of entrepreneeurs.

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Blue Speak Translator

Get the Awesome power of Google Translate in a lightweight audio interface! Click here to find out more!

Want to help?

Most of our staff members are also college students who volunteer their precious time to help bring you the best. We are not currently a commercial organization. Cerulean Blue Software is powered by the time of our volunteer staff. Any fees we pay to keep our projects going come from our pockets. As many of us are blind and on fixed incomes, this can sometimes be a sacrifice. We feel it is worth it because decent accessible software, especially games, come few and far between. Cerulean Blue Software intends to be around for the long haul. If you enjoy using our software, or playing our games, or support our aims and goals and wish to show your support, Please feel free to use the button below to make a donation.

Special thanks...

I would like to take a moment to say a special thank you to Mr. Nathan Smith, founder of and a good friend to Cerulean Blue software for all of your help and support. Did you know, this website was created using Sunrise Waterfall? Sunrise Waterfall, a powerful and accessible tool for creating websites developed by Nathantech. You can check out Sunrise Waterfall and other useful goodies by visiting our friends at Nathantech!

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