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Cosmic Rage, By Nathantech

Click here to visit the Cosmic Rage Homepage.

Cosmic Rage is a futuristic text-based MOO where players can choose from up to 6 playable races, each with their own unique abilities and explore an expansive cosmos filled with many different planets, space stations and starships. Offering a wide range of activities from harvesting and crafting to combat, CR has it all. The caring staff are dedicated to bringing you the best. Ever changing and ever expanding, Cr stands apart from other MOO's. From epic events to role play classes, Cr involves players in an emersive storyline with a rich history and backstory, making every character part of the story.

"I came for the crafting. CR has so many things one can craft. Custom ships, custom factories, custom clothing, custom weaponry, you name it. Cosmic Rage is unmatched in the detail you can put into your items. It brings the world to life. I stayed for the players. Cr's players are among the greatest people I have ever known. I am proud to count many of them among my closest friends. I joined for you! After a year of being a host for CR, I am happy to say that logging on is a high point of my day. I enjoy being part of this team and bringing you a fun and awesome gaming experience. Every time i see a returning player, I smile inside. When new players join, I am filled with joy. To help bring fun and entertainment to the blind and visually impaired community is an honor and a privilege." Cerulean Blue

To join the fun, point your favorite MUD client to:

Port: 7777

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