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Little Boss' Lemonade Stand

Become a Little Boss and run your own lemonade stand.

Lemonade Stand is a turn-based audiogame intended to introduce young people to the world of business by running a lemonade stand. You control everything from selecting your location, ordering and managing supplies and advertising around the neighborhood to mixing the perfect lemonade recipe and setting your prices. There are 3 playing modes and 3 difficulty levels to challenge even the most savviest of entrepreneeurs.

System requirements

Approximately 80MB of disk space.

The Windows versions require Windows 7 or later 64bit. Please see the change log, located in the game's data folder for more information on 32bit support.

The Linux version remains in beta and was tested and shown to run on Ubuntu 20.04 64Bit LSE

The Windows and Linux versions are self-voicing. The Windows version also allows you to use your preferred screen reader instead.

Supported Windows screen readers:
JAWS for Windows
Window Eyes
System Access
Supernova and other Dolphin products
PC Talker

Supported Linux screen readers:

Working speakers or headphones.

Windows Installation Instructions

Download the installer package from the links below. Navigate to it and click it. Read and if you agree, accept the license terms. Follow the wizard and install the game where you like. Default location is C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Cerulean Blue Software\Little Boss' Lemonade Stand\

The game should launch after installation.

Portable versions

for the Linux and Windows portable versions, simply download from the links below, extract the files to the directory of your choice, navigate to the Little Boss' Lemonade Stand executable file and click it to run the game!

Current Windows version: 1.1.0

Current Linux version: 1.0.0beta

Select your version and download
Click here to view the game documentation
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