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Hi, I'm cerulean Blue

I started Cerulean Blue Software after losing my vision in my mid-twenties, before which, I was and avid video game player who loved the mainstream titles such as Legend of Zelda and Resident evil. After things went dark for me, so to speak, I found myself in a funk. Sitting at my computer and knowing very little about accessibility and nothing at all about audio gaming, I set out on a quest to cure my boredom. All I wanted was to find a few games which were fun to play and could give me back a little of something I had lost. I could no longer play the titles I had loved so much, and I quickly found that not only was I not alone, but there was an entire community out there with desires much like my own. A community, which I am saddened to say, is ignored by the mainstream gaming world. Thankfully, people like us have taken matters into our own hands and blind and sighted developers alike have begun to produce some truly entertaining and useful software which is accessible to a wider range of audiences. Somewhere along the way I decided that playing these games was not enough. I wanted to join the ranks of coders who took the time to bring something fun into the world and make it available to as many people as I could. Years later, I have spent time working on my degree in Computer Science with a focus on accessibility, not just for the visually impaired, but for everyone. I have increased my knowledge of human psychology as well as broadened my understanding in the fields of Human resources and services. I think this gives me a unique understanding of the needs of the disabled community and I plan to put this education to work in an effort to bring useful and entertaining software to everyone. It is my hope that one day, people, disabled or not, could sit around a mainstream gaming console and play one of my titles together and no one would have to feel unincluded or left out.

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Most of our staff members are also college students who volunteer their precious time to help bring you the best. We are not currently a commercial organization. Cerulean Blue Software is powered by the time of our volunteer staff. Any fees we pay to keep our projects going come from our pockets. As many of us are blind and on fixed incomes, this can sometimes be a sacrifice. We feel it is worth it because decent accessible software, especially games, come few and far between. Cerulean Blue Software intends to be around for the long haul. If you enjoy using our software, or playing our games, or support our aims and goals and wish to show your support, Please feel free to use the button below to make a donation.