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python class materials

Here you will find materials needed for our live python classes. These classes are held on our TeamTalk server. There are a limited number of seats available. I have chosen to keep the class size small so I can give students the one on one attention they deserve. If you are interested in joing us, please use the contact pages to request a seat.

Lesson 1 - Geting Started

Please use the following link to download the .zip file for lesson 1

Lesson 2 Lists, Dictionaries, if's and loops

Before downloading the .zip file for lesson 2, please take the time to download and take the lesson 1 review quiz

We wil then briefly go over the quiz and move on to lesson 2

Lesson3 functions and classes

Finally, we have a class recording! Thanks to Jimmy for providing this for our use!

In our 3rd class, we briefly reviewed classes 1 and 2. We also discussed some new ways to manipulate strings using string.replace function. We also created our very own custom functions and class objects. There is no quiz this lesson, Instead, students were presented with their very first project, programming a clock object. Please visit the class DropBox folder for more information.

Lesson 4: How to make a menu

In this lesson, we learn how to make a basic menu and how to take advantage of the information returned. We also took our first look at input validation. Sorry, no recording this week.

Click here to view the lesson source code

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