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Blue Speak, an accessible translator


Provides a multi-line input for manual translations.
Can translate directly from your clipboard.
Stores past translations for easy review.
Loads your translations into a web page so you can use them however you want.
Online translations are fast and accurate and powered by Google Translate.
Is self-voicing using your computer's native TTS engine, or uses your own screen reader like N.V.D.A. or J.A.W.S.

System requirements:

A computer running Windows 10 or later, Or Ubuntu 20.04 or later

An active internet connection.

A default web browser

Working speakers or headphones

Approximately 40 MB of disk space on Windows or 70 MB on Linux.

How to use Blue Speak

Blue Speak is simple to use. Simply select option 1 "Translate Something" from the main menu. You can choose from manually inputting text, or translate something you have stored into your clipboard. Then you select a language from the list and boom, Blue Speak will quickly chat with Google Translate's servers and get back with your translation. After first speaking the translation aloud, Blue Speak will open your translation in a notepad window so you can use it for other purposes, like chatting with your friends!

Your translations will be saved for offline reference later and can be accessed via selecting Review past translations from the main menu.


When selecting a language, you will be presented with a long list of languages. These languages are supported by Google and may not be supported by your system. Attempting to translate into a language which is not supported by your system may cause the program to crash. This usually happens because the requested language uses characters which your computer's regional settings are not set up to handle. An example might include translating from english to chinese, or , translating from spanish to russian.

When inputting text, either manually, or from the clipboard, the program might crash if the text contains numerical characters. Again, this is a limitation of Google Translator. This, and the above issue are known to Google and they report that they are working on these limitations.

Keyboard commands

In Menus

In menus: The arrow keys will move you through the selected options. Pressing ENTER, RETURN or SPACE will select the focused item.

Pressing ESC (the escape key) will allow you to escape out of most menus. On the Main Menu, ESC will close the app.

F1 - will open this page.

Home - will move you to the first available choice.

End - Will move you to the last possible choice.

pgup - will move you back a few choices.

pgdn - Will move you ahead a few choices.

In text entry mode:

Use the keys on your keyboard to input text.

F1 - will give you keyboard entry mode specific help.

F2 - will repeat text entered so far.

F3 - will insert the contents of the clipboard.

ESC (the escape key) - will clear the entire entry.

Backspace- will delete the last letter or number you typed.